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About Dr. Alireza  Arefzadeh



Dr. Arefzadeh has three Board Certifications in General Practitioner,Internal Medicine,Endocrinology and Metabolism.



Dr. Arefzadeh is Assistant Prof of Endocrinology.


He is clinician and researcher and he works about diabetes mellitus, GDM, international education of diabetes and other endocrinology fields.


Dr. Arefzadeh has educated Iranians around the world regarding on the importance of Diabetes Mellitus and other metabolic disorders and has helped to resolve problems in the Iranian community.

He is member of American Diabetes Association(ADA) and European Society of Endocrinology(ESE) and European Research Association(CORDIS).






Address: 4th Floor, NO.17, Mehrafarin Building, End of Morshedi Dead End, Near Kian Hospital,In Front of Iranmehr Hospital, Shariati St, Tehran,IRAN.




 آدرس: تهران، خیابان شریعتی دو راهی قلهک روبروی بیمارستان ایرانمهر جنب بیمارستان کیان بن بست مرشدی ساختمان پزشکان مهر آفرین، پلاک 17، طبقه 4،تلفن نوبت دهی: 09198673034 تلفن پاسخ گویی به سوالات:09373622621 روزهای زوج دوشنبه ها از ساعت 4 بعداز ظهر تا 9 شب شنبه و چهارشنبه با هماهنگی منشی و تماس باتلفن:09198673034




About Us :

Dr. Alireza Arefzadeh
Assistant Prof of Endocrinology & Metabolism
Faculty Member of Medical University
Internal Medicine Specialist
Endocrinology and Metabolism SubSpecialist
Clinician and Researcher
Member of American Diabetes Association(ADA).
Member of European Society of Endocrinology(ESE)and European Research Association(CORDIS).

Contact Us :

Address :Norrebrogade, Copenhagen N, 2200 Denmark.
Phone :004591731837
E-mail :info@drarefzadeh.com
TEL Number in IRAN:09198673034-09373622621
آدرس: تهران، خیابان شریعتی،17، طبقه 2.تلفن نوبت دهی: 09198673034، تلفن پاسخ گویی به سوالات:09373622621