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Dr. Arefzadeh is Assistant Prof of Endocrinology and Metabolism.


Dr. Arefzadeh graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the field of Internal Medicine in 2008.


He graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the field of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2012.


He has many researchs about internal medicine and endocrinology fields.


He is clinician and researcher and he works about diabetes mellitus, GDM, international education of diabetes and other endocrinology fields.


He likes teaching students, interns, residents and fellowships.

Dr. Arefzadeh has IELTS Document and he can speak three languages: English, Danish and Persian.


Dr. Arefzadeh has educated Iranians around the world regarding on the importance of Diabetes Mellitus and other metabolic disorders and has helped to resolve problems in the Iranian community.


He is member of American Diabetes Association(ADA) and European Society of Endocrinology(ESE) and European Research Association(CORDIS).




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Stress and Diabetes

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Stresss and Diabetes




Stress is the most important factor to predispose to diabetes.


Many diabetic patients have had a major stress before diabetes in my eperiences.

I have visited many diabetic patients who didn't  have positive diabetic family history,however, they have developed diabetes and they had major stress before diabetes.  


Stress can increase blood sugar and it can lead to bad habits like overeating, which can make diabetes harder to manage. 

Recerntly, some papers were published about this subject.


I strongly recommended to avoid stress and anxiety.


Dr. Alireza Arefzadeh.

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Dr. Alireza Arefzadeh
Assistant Prof of Endocrinology & Metabolism
Faculty Member of Medical University
Internal Medicine Specialist
Endocrinology and Metabolism SubSpecialist
Clinician and Researcher
Member of American Diabetes Association(ADA).
Member of European Society of Endocrinology(ESE)and European Research Association(CORDIS).

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